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Cheryl Chu

"One thing is full of diversity, different possibilities" 

"Balance form and function" 


In this dissertation, I will be discussing the defective of existing construction material which keeps harming our earth and explores the new trend of eco-friendly substitution that can try to turn a new leaf of the trend of building construction material. In addition, despite the fact that many works of literature has shown that new eco-friendly materials are environmentally friendly to the earth over the years, it’s can’t become mainstream materials. For deeply studying, I have conducted a questionnaire as being primary source which undertaken for asking 11 visitors about their thoughts of using new ecology material instead of traditional material likes woods, glass, or stones for home decoration and analysis the concerns and the reasons  why  it  hinders  becoming  a  mainstream  material.  Besides,  I  will  use  secondary resources such as Eindhoven-based designer Thomas Vailly explores turning sunflower crop waste  into  bio-materials  and  cite  the  approach  of  Neri  Oxman,  who  creates  the  phrase “material ecology” to define her works and probe its influence on organic materials.


The construction industry must have a great change in the foreseeable future due to the destruction towards the environment. The green material will be one of the most important consideration and choices in the green building in the future while Oxman’s approach will make a revolution in the design industry. In order not to show the beauty of the planet through the photos to our next generation, we must take a significant step right now. Meanwhile, the step must have careful consideration and balance the interest between the environment and the interest of people. The construction should take the thought of citizens nearby and the construction worker because they are one of the stakeholders of this change and innovation. For example, the strategic window installation should not affect and reflect the sunlight towards the building nearby. Every step is related to many stakeholders so we should be aware of everything before taking action. It is hoped that our next generation can see the beauty of the earth as same as we see.

Integration : Green Funeral - Quantum Entanglement

Funeral Home, a place about death, is a memory for me, a relationship and a connection between the passing person and the living person, and the concept of me is the frequency, the two frequencies will resonate or offset, and I I want to bring this phenomenon into my project. I don’t want to reflect on the true death of the bleating. The most important thing is that I remember the dead relatives and friends, and connect the living with the dead again.

And I think Funeral Home itself is to cause this kind of "quantum entanglement" to occur continuously, besides it is to "communication" with each other through the "frequency" emitted by different objects or characters.

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Cheryl Chu



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