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"One thing is full of diversity, different possibilities" 

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Interior - Major Project
Interior: Integration

Life from birth to death is a road that cannot be turned back, in which we and different people and different things will produce different degrees of "pay and gain". These differences are based on our experience and personal values. Through mind map and the film developed the "footprint" this concept. "Footprints" and our lives are the same is no turning back, even if it seems to be able to go back, but in fact just turn one direction forward, and "footprints" will be based on the human body the degree of weight and force produces "footprints" of varying depth, such as our "pay and


This dissertation explores the differences in public housing policy and design in Hong Kong from the beginning to the present, the positive and negative effects on the people of Hong Kong, and through research it can be seen that the design of public housing is mainly affected by government policies and demographic changes. It also discusses and analyzes the importance of public space in public housing to residents. and made recommendations.

Communication: Professional Identity

“One thing is full of diversity, different possibilities” is my design statement, which makes me think about different possibilities in design, and these possibilities are all because people as the primary consideration, from their point of view and need to make different attempts and list different possibilities, so “people-oriented” is also my personal values. Always be valued is Flexibility, i.e. there are different possibilities, which can vary according to human needs, regional characteristics, project type characteristics, social factors, and these changes are diversity.

Interior: Integration

Pieced together with different materials, can show the diversity of materials and materials and
materials between the combination of changes, in this task used popsicle stick, fabric, vinyl floor,
using the hardness characteristics of popsicle stick as the base plate, fabric can be tailored at will features, vinyl floor has hardness and softness, bendability and fixation. This work can be reflected in the fabricability of these three materials.

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