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Project Apron


Project Booklet

Collaborating with CHAT and HKRITA, the students of the Department of Design of CBCC set out to find out the needs of five types of apron users in Tsuen Wan District. We value and cherish the achievements and contributions to the community of these heroes and heroines behind the scenes and we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to them by providing design solutions for their needs at work and by showcasing their good works and stories to the community. 

明愛白英奇專業學校與CHAT 六廠和HKRITA 合作,讓設計學生親身了解荃灣區五類圍裙使用者的需求,視他們為社區的幕後英雄, 我們重視並珍惜他們的成就和對社區的貢獻, 所以為他們提供設計方案以滿足他們在工作中的需求,並向社區展示他們的才華和故事, 藉此機會表達對他們的感激。

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