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“Design is thinking make Visual”

Communication: Professional Identity

CPI develops and expand the key themes relating to the Practice of Interior Architecture and Design.
Emphasize my professional practice, procedures and using your IMP as a case study to apply the technical design audit. Curating and group exhibition communicating both my individual and cohort identity.


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Designing an activity center for elderly to arouse the public attention to the emotions of the elderly after retirement. Through
different zone to to learn, to explore, experience and find your healthy quality of Anging life.


Integration: Green Funeral 
The Point

Funeral is a ceremony celebrating or honoring the dead.
Green Funeral as a new way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact. The most important is behind the meaning. To feel of peace and happiness you get from my Green Funeral. Love is a very complicated word. It’s just as much an emotion as it is a verb, just like the raindrops drip from the eaves in the same position, drop by drop. Submerge yourself in water.




The booklet is an exploration book, which included a series of research and experiment on several items. Those explorers related to the basic identity of interior design and architecture, such as materials, mechanics and space in particular.


Playgrounds are relaxing places. It is suitable to people of all ages to visit. Nowadays, there are some newly constructed and renovated playgrounds, the main aim is encourage children to use their creativity But can it really suitable for the needs of children? In fact, the design of the playground must provide the developmental needs to everyone. Also the most important is the playground should be provided to the whole community. It will be good for tighten the bonds between community.



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