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Dialogue with Students, Alumni and Design Masters

Dialogue With Alumni and Students 

Dialogue with Designers, Design masters

【CHAT 六廠 x CBCC 圍裙計劃】|【CHAT x CBCC Project Apron】


今年2月至7月,CHAT六廠跟明愛白英奇專業學校(CBCC)設計學系合作,展開「CHAT 六廠 x CBCC 圍裙計劃」。在過程中,這群未來的設計師親身體驗及實踐了一個參與式的社會項目:聆聽不同社群的日常工作實際所需、藉著設計改善用戶的生活質素。想知道這個計劃的意義、感受學員們與不同用戶共同設計的喜悅? 歡迎細看以下紀錄片段!


From February to July 2018, CHAT had been collaborating with Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) School of Design and rolled out “CHAT x CBCC Project Apron”. Throughout the process, this group of future designers were able to experience and had practices under a participatory social project: not only to understand the actual needs of the users in their daily working environments, but also to improve their lives through design. Want to know more about the meaning of this project and feel the joy of the students and users under a “co-design” process? Click and watch the documentary video below!

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