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interior major project

For my IMP, I designed a complex space that can cater for various communities.


Interestingly, this project is sharing a space with a water treatment plant located in an old district. To increase the district’s value by attracting residents and visitors, a fishery is introduced to the site.


This public space has strong relations with the surrounding communities which can greatly influence their behaviors and the atmosphere within the space.

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Design: Space, Design, Atmosphere

The exhibition was designed to encourage people to reflect on their mental health after suffering the loss of a loved one.


The dead ones do not suffer sadness, but rather, it is the people who are left behind that do. I want people to be able to address their grief and feelings of longingness.


The exhibition is experiential - with sound, visual and olfactory senses all involved. As users go through the exhibit, they will be able to release their emotions. Lastly, they can communicate with others who are also facing the same situation they are in.

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Material Expression

As a designer, I used to apply materials directly as I cannot actually transform or modify existing materials - or so I thought.


Material expression has made me realise the endless possibilities of materials that we can create by our hands. Properties such as textures and color can even be applied through different methodological approaches.

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Communication Professional identity

The module involved practical situations such as company visit, mock interview, and a review of the code of building regulations.

Through the practice visit, I was enlightened on how to be an innovative and creative designer. I also realised that in order to run a company, it is important to keep an open mind that welcome ideas from different parties, not just concern our own  design thinking process.

As for the mock interview, it helped me discover what I need to show to potential employers. It also taught me that my CV and cover letter should relate to the company I am applying for.

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History & Theory: Dissertation

This dissertation is a study on public service buildings and how their potentials can be realised through introducing design solutions. Their influences on communities, as well as on people’s behaviours were also analysed.

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