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"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us"

Winston Churchill

Our vision is that to continue to learn, grow, evolve and be inspired as a group in order to remain a step ahead of the global trends and influences that will shape our industry in the future.Our core ideas are creativity, integrity, and innovation which are the values that guide us every day.

They are part of who we are and what we stand for as interior architectural designer



"Less is More"

My Exhibited Items.

Interior Integration

The "0" in "0 Funeral" is a zero, which means “nothing”. A life is a cycle, we had nothing with us when we were born, and we can take away nothing when we pass away, but we do bring others numerous memories and influences in between. These memories will finally fade out with the pain, but all those remaining are the most invaluable and unforgettable.

Making use of the mind map to develop the idea from my mind and eventually led to the concept of Danshari (斷捨離).


From the meaning of Danshari, I realized that when people lost their beloved one,  they could actually learn from the lost that life is beautiful and we should all cherish what we have at the moment.


This study aims at identifying the positive and negative aspects of the walking experience in the pedestrian skywalk system of Hong Kong. The research defines the factors that contribute to good walkability specific to the high-density urban context of Hong Kong by reviewing and summarizing the related literature. Online surveys and field observation are then used as quantitative and qualitative methods

to evaluate the walkability of the Tsuen Wan skywalk system as an example. Conclusions and suggestions were made after analyzing the results of the research to provide a reference and arouse the importance of a “pedestrian first” approach for future urban planning on the skywalk system.


Major Project: Art Discovery Centre

"Art exploration is not only fun and entertaining, but also educational."

Communication Professional Identity

Equip yourself be a professional Interior Designer

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