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“Detail make perfection and Perfection is not a detail”

1   – Dissertation –

 “I am always thinking about this style of buildings according to the manifesto wrote by the master Walter Gropius, do we have time to find it out and learn more about it. Do Hong Kong people make more concern on this design style which have been influenced their living in the community for years? I think it’s time to talk about more and start to appreciate on this beautiful style again.”

1- Interior Disssertation.jpg
2 - Identity.jpg
– Identity –

“To learn and study of urban fabrics that influence life and architectural programme in a city”

3   – Integration: Green Funeral –

 “A gathering, a dinner, it would be in memory of the departed one and healing the living person through eating the foods. Let all people have good feelings and go on.”

3-Green Funeral_20210113.jpg
4 - CPI.jpg
4   – CPI –

“Design vision: To possible use of limited space and consider the quality of space, time and sensory inhabitation.”

5 - IMP.jpg
– IMP –

 “A social enterprise shopping centre will be further developed as an urban oasis in our society.”

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